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James Lindquist was born on March 5, 1943, as James Carl Warren and became a Christian in 1951. He rededicated his life to the Lord in 1991, and the Lord promptly baptized him in the Holy Spirit. At present, he lives in Silverton, Oregon. He loves the Lord Jesus with all of his heart and has been a Christian for 69 years.

In 1994, James developed an interest in writing and began taking a writing class at the local PCC College in Portland, Oregon. This class would change his life. When he started the class, he didn't know an adverb from a noun. Therefore, to work in the inter-active class, he created the title, theme, and storyline of Deadly Port.

Jim would later change from fiction to nonfiction because he hoped to help other Christians through his writing and leading of the Holy Spirit. When James first started writing, he needed to differentiate his fiction and nonfiction for his readers. Therefore, in honor of his deceased Swedish mom, he began writing his nonfiction with her maiden name under the pseudonym of Lindquist. He continues to write under that name today.

Jamesí passion is writing and decided to further his education by attending Jerry Jenkins CWG (Christian Writers Guild) and learn how to write right. After three years of schooling, he graduated as a journeyman. The Lord gave James a clear mandate to write for Him, and over time, gave him five titles to write. James is devoting the rest of his life to writing for God.

To date, James is the author of five Christian nonfiction books: The Final Cup, Back to Eden, Seeking God, Seeking Man, and The CobbleStone Road. Jim has to edit Seeking man which he has the first rough draft completed. He also has to finish The Cobblestone Road. James finished outlining the project, and six chapters are complete. When finished, he will release them to the publishers. The Lord is not giving Jim any time to rest in between books, but he loves it. Writing is his passion.

However, James still had a desire to try his hand at a fiction piece. The Lord recently gave him the desires of his heart with a fiction project called "The Dead Know Nothing." Considering the days in which we find ourselves, is it any wonder that this book's theme will be the salvation of souls, with a twist. James is excited about his recent fiction project and the direction in which God is taking him. He is very thankful that Christ loves him and gave him a part and purpose in the Kingdom of God.

James is going deeper in his writing education and after graduating from CWG, is taking a class from Jerry Jenkin's new advanced writer's guild, an advanced writer's guild. Jerry Jenkins had passed the mantle to CWG, and created a more in depth and advanced guild, to which James now belongs. For those budding authors, you can reach Jerry Jenkins at http://www.jerryjenkins.com

How James received the inspiration for the title, The Dead Know Nothing, along with his desire to write this fiction piece, is a story all by itself. Maybe we can get him to tell us about that process. Check back in a few, for that story is forthcoming.

James also runs an Online blog at James Lindquist Books. He would be happy to have you stop by and read his material. Be sure to leave a comment for him, even if you disagree with him. Over the years, James has learned a lot from dissenting opinions. So leave him a comment on his little corner of the Web. Not to worry about a differing opinion.

God bless each one of you. Thanks for stopping by. It means a lot to him.

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