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Chapter Two

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One morning at 3AM, I awakened with my stomach in a knot and my chest aflame. There was a deep grieving within my spirit and I wept uncontrollably. My chest heaved. I knew immediately that it was the Lord…and He was in great travail. I thought, what is wrong Lord? Is everybody okay? Is it one of my kids?

As I sat up in bed, I realized what the Lord was trying to say. I'd been in the throes of preparing a retreat and the Lord's Spirit had been building a message in me for about a month and a half. That morning His presence hit me hard. He was drawing me near, heavily, in a way that He has not drawn me before.

The many mornings that followed, God poured out His heart to me. I felt His yearning and the longing that His people would awaken to the love that He has for them. He told me that the Body did not see its worth or true value because the serpent still beguiled them and had stolen their true identities. They lived in fear, guilt, shame, and regret not recognizing their destiny or the significance that they had with Him.

He reminded me that Adam and Eve had allowed their minds to conceive sin and they lusted after the fruit of the tree with which He told them not to eat. When they ate the fruit, their soul gave birth to sin. As a result, it cost them union and communion with God.

Man lost union and communion in the Garden and it turned to shame, guilt, and lost fellowship with God and with one another. The fruit that Adam and Eve ate was the knowledge of sin and evil through disobedience. They lost the divine and received the spirit of evil. Satan became their father. Since then we have been trying to get back to God, or Back to Eden and God's presence, which can only come through the second Adam?Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit finally birthed the revelation through me at the ladies' retreat. When I saw the impact that the revelation had on us I knew that the Lord had released it for a greater purpose.

I should say right off the bat that Pastor Judy is not only my biological sister but she is my sister in the Lord and as a term of endearment, I call her "sister sister." We have both loved the Lord for our entire lives.

Although we had email, faxing, and phone capabilities, sis is a preacher and not a writer. It is easier for her to speak to people or into a recorder so that her words flow from the Holy Spirit to her lips. This is why she asked me to write Back to Eden. Even when we used the phone, I couldn't keep up with what she was relating to me because I don't take shorthand. Thank goodness for recorders. While on the phone I took the salient points and worked with that until I got the tape.

Sis and I live about an hour and forty-five minutes apart, which makes face-to-face communication rather difficult to say the least. Since this was her revelation, we definitely needed to communicate.

Below is a basic outline summary of the revelation given to Pastor Judy. I hope it blesses you as it did me and the ladies at the retreat.


Section One

God's Plan: God's original plan for mankind was children for the Father and a bride for Christ to whom they could lavish their love. His original intent was for husband and wife to live in oneness and in perfect harmony with not only Him but with each other.

Section Two

Cause: Because Adam disobeyed God and allowed Eve to influence him wrongly, mankind's physical life was now terminal. From Adam and Eve forward, mankind was not only destined for physical death but for spiritual death as well because the wages of sin is death.

• Effect One: Man and woman no longer had oneness with God and were not living as God had originally intended. As a result of Adam's sin, there was a reversal of roles. Ever since the Garden of Eden, role reversals have been the undoing of mankind and disorder has ruled the world.

• Effect Two: Mankind has lost sight of its identity, destiny, and perceived significance to God. We are no longer living in harmony with God or with each other. Fear, guilt, shame, regret, contention, bitterness, resentment, anger, jealousy, doubt, unbelief, and etcetera have infected all of our relationships, marriages, and lives.

• Effect Three: Because of role reversals, losing sight of our identity, our destiny, and our significance to God, mankind fell into a spiritual death and separation from God. Man has forgotten that Christ delivered him from that judgment 2000 years ago when He purchased them on the Cross.

Section Three

Cause: When Jesus Christ died on the Cross, this brought man and woman, husband and wife, back together once again to take dominion as one. There was reconciliation to God and a total restoration of ALL things.

• Effect One: Man would once again consider God his source and because of the Cross, there would be a restoration of roles between husband and wife.

• Effect Two: The husband would no longer resent the wife or rule over her with a controlling spirit, and there would be submission, one to the other, and to God.

• Effect Three: The wife would no longer feel used, useless, unloved, and guilty for not being able to reach her husband.

• Effect Four: The wife would no longer use the wrong influence to sway her husband or to manipulate him but to help and complete him as was originally intended.

• Effect Five: Because of Christ's sacrificial death on the Cross, mankind is able to regain sight of his identity and who he is in Christ.

• Effect Six: Because of Christ's death, mankind is able to recapture sight of his destiny and who God is in him.

• Effect Seven: Because of Christ's death, mankind is able to recapture his perception of what God actually thinks about him and who he is through Christ.

The Lord continued to share His heart and concerns with Pastor Judy through revelation. I ended up with pages and pages of notes. I remember the first time that we got together for an interview. She shared with me the story behind the first time she released the revelation at a women's retreat at the Oregon coast.

The revelation released

Pastor Judy and the ladies arrived at the resort and rented a room right on the ocean where they could worship, pray, and minister to God. The Lord impressed on her to present Christ's heart to them concerning His Church. The message had finally come to a head after four months of fellowship with the Lord. She gave the message Saturday but not before they all had first prayed and worshipped God for hours giving Him thanks.

Sis told me about that weekend at the beach and about the importance of focused corporate prayer, worship with each other, and warring against the enemy to accomplish a specific outcome. If we do not seek the healing, but seek instead the Healer, our relationship with the Lord grows. If we do not seek deliverance, but seek the Deliverer, we get closer to Him. All they wanted was to worship God and hear from God's heart through one of His prophets.

Judy is convinced that the ultimate communication with God is worshipping and being in His presence. There is power through worshipping in the spirit and it is where things really start to happen: healing, deliverance, insight, revelation, salvation, baptism of the Spirit, and so much more. The real blessing of Saturday's message, and unbeknownst to them, the title of Pastor Judy's message going into the retreat was, "Receiving the Father's Heart."

The Revelation preached

Sis began preaching her revelation to women, but soon began speaking it to men as well because it was not gender specific. Since then, her message has healed hearts, delivered people from bondage, reconciled relationships, and changed many lives. Back to Eden is the result of God's visitation to Pastor Judy and the vision that He imparted to her over the course of a month and a half so that the revelation could continue.

Many sessions followed that initial interview and as I went through both of our notes and emails, the Lord began speaking progressive revelation to me as well and dropped many Scriptures and thoughts into my spirit. It was evident that through my own experiences and according to my discussions with sis and other believers that many were oblivious to their spiritual condition and that their own souls had squelched the Spirit and their souls were now in charge.

To squelch the Spirit is to suppress it. This is what Adam did in the Garden when he sinned against God and took the bite out of the fruit that the Lord told him not to eat thereof. God was their source and provided them with everything, but because of the bite, man was now the woman's source. God did not forsake man [1] but only made man the woman's source and provider.

Since Adam's disobedience in the Garden, sin has so inculcated man and woman that it has progressed to wrought a world that is completely out of order. However, before we can understand the dynamics of an out of order world, how it got in this condition, and how we can recapture it, we must first learn of God's plan and understand the dynamics of an in order world. We first need to know where we are at and where we are going before we can learn how to get there. Does that make sense?


In Section One, God's Plan, we will begin our study of an in order world and discover God's original plan and intent for mankind. We will also look at the Bible as it explains to us what an in order world should look like. We will look at creation and its reasons, oneness, harmony, and many Scriptures.

In Section Two, A World Out of Order, we will examine what went wrong after that infamous bite of the forbidden fruit. We will learn that mankind has lost sight of his identity, his destiny, and his perceived significance to God. We will also learn about role reversals.

Finally, in Section Three, Deliverance from Darkness, we will learn how to get back to an in order world and how to recapture our stolen identities, destinies, and restore to ourselves our misconception of what God thinks about us.

This was true with me when I went on my laps around the mountain and lost fellowship with God. I'd lost sight of my identity and destiny. Because of my guilt and shame, I developed a skewed perception of what God thought of me. Having done so cost me my marriage.

Judging by the believers that sis and I have talked to, many of them love God alright but their love is a blind love and they are not really living the victorious life that God intended for them. They are not really pursuing Him and thusly are taking Him for granted.

Although man's soul squelched the spirit at the foot of the tree, Christ's death brought everything back into balance and alignment. However, appropriating this for ourselves can only happen after our acceptance of His salvation which He meted to mankind. Christ is returning soon and we'll learn to reestablish in our souls that, "In Christ" we are accepted, forgiven, and cherished by Him. I pray that our journey together will help you to recapture your fellowship with God.

God's plan begins…


I hope that you have enjoyed this free taste of Back to Eden. To learn more, click on the above link that will direct you to the book store. May the Lord richly bless you.

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