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Chapter One:
"The Cobble Stone Revelation"

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The day did not start out with a bang for I was tired and looked a four hour road trip in the face. This wouldn’t have been so bad but the previous day I’d driven for about six hours. Nevertheless, I headed out onto the highway to see my oldest daughter. The thought of seeing her perked me up and made me forget the long trip ahead, albeit a beautiful drive.

The day was gorgeous and a perfect day to drive. I might even be able to stop, smell the roses, and take picture number 315 of Mount Washington. About 40 minutes into the trip, I was in the mountains and well on my way to my destination. I was thanking the Lord for such a beautiful day when I felt the unction of His presence come upon me.

I knew that feeling because I’d experienced it before. Because of the unction I felt, I could tell that He wanted my attention and not just to say good morning. There was very little traffic so it was just me, the Lord, and about 75 or so miles of steep and winding road left to go through the mountains. I never know when the Lord will call upon me so I’d better be prepared when He does or I’ll miss my blessing and chance to communicate with Him personally. It is for this reason that I always carry a pad and pencil in my car. I’m glad I did on this trip.

I was taking my time and looking at the beautiful mountain scenery as I squirmed and settled into my seat. I’d no sooner got comfortable when the Lord began speaking to me, not with the audible voice but to my spirit, “My people are lost and dying. Write down what I will show you and tell you. Present it to my people.” The Lord continued to speak to my spirit, “Life is like the many roads that my people take to journey through their allotted time before I come for their spirits. Many of my children are travelling down the wrong road, heading in the wrong direction, and toward the wrong destination. Therefore, write down your vision and what I am about to show you. I am not willing that any should perish.

I magnified my alertness level and concentrated on the road ahead, all the while listening for the Lord’s next communique. I continued to drive through the mountains, zig zagging, climbing to the top and then back down again on the other side, all along waiting for the Lord to speak to my spirit again. . .but I heard nothing. I’ve waited on the Lord before and sometimes it’s a while before He speaks. Nevertheless, I was intent on just listening for His voice and observing His beautiful creation.

I had plenty of time and many miles of mountain roads to go yet. Besides, His earlier communique really intrigued me. Then it dawned on me that He was already speaking to me because I began hearing the similarities in the roads between the natural realm and the spiritual realm.

I didn’t understand at first why the long wait but it was OK because I knew that it was all in God’s perfect timing. I only knew that I’d felt the unction and that He was trying to get my attention. Well Lord, you have it. I continued on my journey toward Bend. I needed to find a place to pull over and log the information I had stored in my mind from the last few roads the Lord brought to my attention.

It seemed that I’d no sooner had that thought when up ahead, I saw a car about to negotiate a long swooping curve. It rattled my cage a little. Now I’ve driven this road many, many times and the speed at which this guy was traveling was an accident waiting to happen. He was going way to fast to make the turn, and he wasn’t slowing down – at all. The centrifugal force was driving the weight of his car toward the trees on the other side of the highway or worse yet, toward the oncoming lane and possibly into any car that might be coming from the opposite direction. If the two cars met head on, the resulting force of highway speeds would be deadly, guaranteed.

The curve was long enough and the trees were thick enough to where you couldn’t see around the bend and what was coming from the other direction or where the road itself was taking you. Then it happened, the driver began to lose control and he started skidding into a full fledged slide. Tires smoked and loud screeching sounds emanated from underneath his car.

My heart was thumping out of my chest. I threw up a quick prayer for the driver and prayed that there was no oncoming traffic and that nobody else would be involved in this man’s bad decision making process and less than perfect driving habits.

Thank God for answered prayers for there were no cars coming from the opposite direction but he was still sliding at a great rate of speed toward the huge tree on the bank. He was going too fast to stop or maneuver his car away from the tree and. . .he was going to hit. I had to close my eyes. I’d never seen anyone die before in an accident. I yelled out to God, Lord; please have mercy on this man. I quickly pulled over, winced, and waited for the soon coming crash of twisted and bent metal wrapping around a tree. With my eyes closed, I waited for the horrendous crashing sound. . .but there was none. When I looked up. . .the car was gone.

Apparently, I had been sitting on the side of the road when I saw my vision. I hadn’t been driving at all. The Lord had given me this vision to alert me to the pain that He had in His heart, as His children die daily from rejecting Him especially after the road that He walked for us. The Lord has always used natural objects and parallel truths to guide me in my writing. He’d already taught me years prior that all truth is parallel. For every natural truth, there is a corresponding and equal spiritual truth.

The Lord spoke to my spirit again, “This is what I see when my children sin and lose control on their road of life. They are traveling many wrong roads and are not practicing good habits. They’re going too fast and are not resting or focusing on me. They are lukewarm and their choices are killing them.”

The Lord continued to bring things to me through the Holy Spirit that day. The thoughts just slid into my head; no voice, no light, just thoughts. However, I knew in my knower that it was the Lord speaking to me. The fresh air from the rolled down window lightly blew on my face relaxing me. With each bend in the road and straight-away, the Lord helped me to perceive what each type of road meant in the natural relating to a spiritual truth. God gets our attention with natural phenomenon like Adam and the fruit, Noah and the flood, Abraham and the ram, Moses and the burning bush, and Jesus on the Cross.

Some accompanying Scriptures began filtering into my mind that pertained to the specific type of road on which I was driving. I couldn’t contain everything God was feeding my brain while I drove. Many times that day, I needed to look for a place to pull over as the Lord narrated definitions and Scriptures to me before I lost it all.

It isn’t the easiest thing to do, to pull over on a blind, narrow, and winding mountain road, with abutments on one side and an unguarded gorge on the other while trying to remember what the Lord had just placed in my mind, and still stay on my side of the road. In some areas, if I went over the side, I wouldn’t stop rolling for three days. Nonetheless, I’d find small turn outs and sit there for 30 minutes or so, sharing with the Lord and writing down all the information I had previously heard while driving on specific roads, plus the new information that I was now hearing as I pulled over.

I lost track of the number of times I had to pull over to write down communiques from God. I was vibrating with His presence. It was glorious. Each time I’d drive over a different type and section of road, I’d get the unction to pull over and He’d narrate another set of definitions, metaphors, and Scriptures. This continued even after I left the mountains and traveled into Bend, Oregon. The Lord would explain to me in detail, what each road meant both in the natural, in the spiritual, and then gave me pertinent Scriptures for each.

By the time I reached my daughter’s place, I was swimming in His presence. As my daughter looked at me, she asked me if I was alright. Her voice sounded a little concerned. My eyes must have been a little glassy. What was happening to me should have been a dead give away as I walked into her home 6” off the floor. (Well, it felt like it anyway.)

The theme of what the Lord was sharing with me that day was His salvation through Christ for mankind and the road on which He traveled to save us. I remembered what the Lord already shared with me at the beginning of and throughout my trip,

“My people are lost and dying. Write down what I will show you and tell you. Present it to my people. Life is like the many roads that my people take to journey through their allotted time before I come for their spirits. Many of my children are travelling down the wrong road, heading in the wrong direction, and toward the wrong destination. Therefore, write down your vision and what I am about to show you. I am not willing that any should perish.”

Not only did the Holy Spirit share with me the many roads that we travel, but He also brought attention to Christ and the road on which He traveled for us. Magnifying Christ is one of the Holy Spirit’s main functions [Micah 3:8; John 16:14]. The Holy Spirit related to me and compared the road that Christ traveled for all of mankind so that we could have eternal life in Paradise with Him as His Bride. The Holy Spirit, of course, was speaking of the Via Dolorosa, which is Latin for “The Way of Grief.”

If we are to follow Christ down the Via Dolorosa carrying our own cross, then like Christ, our journey will be one of obedience as well. The Via Dolorosa is the road of obedience and Christ walked that road with complete and total obedience to His Father. . .“O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.” [Matthew 26:39 KJV]

Christ was not only the Son of God, but He was also the Son of Man and Christ’s humanity asked the Father if the cup of death on the Cross could pass from Him. The Via Dolorosa meant a horrendous death to Christ but His walk means life to you and me. Because of Christ, we can go from death to life [John 5:24; 2 Corinthians 2:16]. This is what Christ was trying to impart to me that day when He revealed to me the many roads on which His people were dying that led to their death.

When we follow Christ, we do not have to walk The Way of Grief but the way of obedience. Christ gladly travelled that road for us [Hebrews 12:2]. It is when we decide to disobey God that we experience circumstances and issues. Obedience always brings blessing, and disobedience always brings burden.

Therefore, I exhort you to follow the road to life through Christ and make Him the center of all that you do. I am able to stand before you today claiming that Christ is the reason that I am still living today. Thank you Jesus!

But. . .

Who am I that Christ should have died for me. Who is man that Christ should die for them. Yet Christ did just that. The Bible says, “What is man, that thou art mindful of him. . .[Psalms 8:4a KJV]?” The Bible also says in Jeremiah 17:9, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” This begs the question, “Why did Christ have to die an agonizing death on the Cross?” Better yet because He knew all of this in advance [Romans 9:29, 30], “Why would He want to?”

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