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But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Fathers kingdom.

[Matthew 26:29]

It was late in the day on a Saturday evening and I was sharing the Lord with my sister at her home. We were in deep discussion about how Jewish marriage customs related to the scriptures. The deeper we got into our discussion, the more we learned that the two deeply entwine.

During our discussion, the Lord dropped Matthew 26:29 into my spirit. I shared with her what I’d heard and that this was the first cup that Jesus drank with His disciples. On “that day” I will start my first day of eternity with Him as His betrothed on this side of heaven. I will drink that second and Final Cup with Him in my Father’s kingdom on the other side od heaven. Although I didn’t know it at the time, the Lord had just given me the title of this book.

In fact, the next day the Lord started speaking rhema to my spirit. The Holy Spirit gave to me seven words and showed me that we all have seasons in our relationships. Follow along with me and let’s study through these seasons in our relationships together that the Lord imparted to me one Sunday afternoon.

The Holy Spirit also revealed to me a parallel between the natural relationship we have with our spouses and the spiritual relationship that we have with Jesus Christ. All truth is parallel; for every natural truth there is an equal and corresponding and parallel spiritual truth. It is this parallel that has prompted the writing of this book. Our natural relationships release insights into our spiritual relationship with Christ and because Christ teaches us how to love one another in the first place, our love back to Him goes full circle.

What I offer to you in the following pages is a written comparison of my marriage relationship with regards to that parallel. The Final Cup was born because of my own divorce in hopes of helping other people with marital and relationship problems. I pray that through this book, someone will find the heart of the bride, and start a renewed relationship with Christ.

The Final Cup is a book about relationship with each other, be it with a spouse or otherwise, but foremost, it is a book about a relationship with Jesus Christ. I pray that your spiritual ears will be open and that the Holy Spirit will guide you to understanding, especially in these present times.

You should test everything that you read on these pages, as well as elsewhere, against the Word of God. He is the definitive answer. Therefore, I leave you in God’s hands and offer these few pages for your testing.

I did not realize what the Holy Spirit was doing until later on in the day when He started giving me scriptures and meanings to go with those seven words. That day, the Holy Spirit gave me the mandate to write for Him. I have wanted a ministry and something to do for the Lord for a very long time.

Seven is a very significant number to the Lord as the word seven means “complete” or “completion.” We are fast approaching that seventh day, the seven-thousandth year of completion and rest. Are you ready? These seven words should tell each of us where we are at in our relationship with the Lord and the direction in which we need to travel.

Our journey starts as we learn of the first word that the Holy Spirit gave me that Sunday afternoon.

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