James Lindquist Books

James Lindquist Books


These are zip files to make dowload times quicker for you. Therefore, you'll need an unzip program like PKZIP from pkware.com. See below for a free download. Any zip/unzip program will work, however, like Winzip. PKZIP is what I use. I am in the process of making more free stuff available. Please check back.

Seeking God is a free download or you can read Online at sgebk

PRAYING THROUGH THE TABERNACLE. I have included a couple other goodies for you. Read the Readme file for directions for everything. The directions are easy, you just have to start your read on <index.htm>. If you do not have a zip program, no problem. Check below for a free download (unzip only). Enjoy.

THE KING JAMES BIBLE (html) Once unzipped, open the folder and start reading. Enjoy God's Word.

Free PKZIP Reader Click on 'select,' then 'for Windows Desktop,' and download. This is for a 30 day trial. Or click 'Purchase PKZP' to purchase. Close the window when you are finished downloading.

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