James Lindquist Books

James Lindquist Books


These are zip files to make dowload times quicker for you. Therefore, you'll need an unzip program like PKZIP from pkware.com. See below for a free download. Any zip/unzip program will work, however, like Winzip. PKZIP is what I use. I am in the process of making more free stuff available. Please check back.

Seeking God is a free download or you can read Online at sgebk

PRAYING THROUGH THE TABERNACLE. I have included a couple other goodies for you. Read the Readme file for directions for everything. The directions are easy, you just have to start your read on <index.htm>. If you do not have a zip program, no problem. Check below for a free download (unzip only). Enjoy.

THE KING JAMES BIBLE (html) Once unzipped, open the folder and start reading. Enjoy God's Word.

Free PKZIP Reader Click on