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You will be uploading your file to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). In KDP, you will be creating a Bookshelf, which is nothing more than a book management page. This is where you list your books, add new titles, get reports on sales, and get access to a community forum. You might print this page so that when you go to KDP Amazon, you can use it as a reference as you create a Bookshelf and upload your book(s).

Kindle is the most popular and most used reader probably due to the low cost of the unit. Not that it isn't a good reader, on the contrary, it is an excellent reader. Barnes and Noble Pubit's reader "Nook," is an excellent reader as well. But the last time I checked, it was around $200. Its format is :.epub".

However, before you can upload a book to KDP, you need to create that Bookshelf I talked about. To do this, follow these steps.

KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Signin

1. Enter this URL in your browser window
2. Enter your email address.
3. Select the bullet "New Customer."
4. Select the button "Sign-in using our secure server."
5. This takes you to the Registration page. Enter your name.
6. They've displayed your email once.
7. Type your email again below the first email entry.
8. Enter a password.
9. Directly below the first password, enter the exact same password again.
10. Select the button "Create Account."
11. This creates an Accept Terms dialog box.
12. Select the button "Agree."

These are the directions as of June 17, 2012.

Upload your book

1. From your Bookshelf, do the following: Select the button "Add New Title."
2. This will take you to the book upload page. Just enter your book's information as directed. If you do not understand an entry, there is a (What's this?) link. First, in section number one, enter the name of your book. We will use as an example, mybook.mobi
3. If the book is a part of a series, check the series box and give the title and volume number. Otherwise, skip this part.
4. Give the Edition number. This is optional.
5. Create a description (blurb) for the book. This is a description that you'd find on the back cover of a book that gives a short synopsis of the book. You are alloted 4000 characters.
6. Amazon KDP requires every book to have a contributor. If you there are no contributors to your book, then insert your name as the author by selecting the button "Add Contributors."
7. Select the language.
8. Enter the publication date. This is optional.
9. Enter the Publisher. This is also optional.
10. If there is an ISBN number, enter the number. KDP does not require an ISBN.
11. This takes you to section two: publishing rights. Select one of the radio buttons signifying whether you have publishing rights or not.
12. This takes you to section three: Target Your Book Customers. Select the "Add Categories" button and choose the book's category.
13. Type in seven key words that describe the content.
14. This brings you to section four: Upload Your Book Cover.
15. Select the button "Browse for image." Browse to your image location and choose that image.Depending on whether you want the image to fill the space alloted on the Kindle, a height of 1200px should be sufficent.
16. This takes you to section five: Upload Your Book File. Select the appropriate radio button on whether you want DRM (Digital Rights Management). The (What's this?) link explains this quite nicely.
17. Select the "Browse For Book" button and navigate to the mybook.mobi file. KDP also accepts .doc, .html, .opf, .prc, .zip, and .epub files. I would not suggest that you use the .doc file. You will not like the results. It WILL not be a clean book or good looking outcome. Plus, there will not be any navigation for the book. Navigation, first sentence indent, and etc are all driven by html. I would also not suggest that you use the .epub file because it will add double to your finished book size. (It adds the epub file to the output. Have absolutely no idea why.)
18. Select the "Upload Book" button and wait for KDP to finish. Depending on the length and amount of programming, it could take a minute or so.
19. Once the mybook.mobi file is uploaded, select the button "Save and Continue."

While you are here at KDP, why not create an author's page? this way you can centralize all your books into one location. You can create an author's page at this location: https://authorcentral.amazon.com/gp/landing?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0

As an example, here is my author's page.

If there are any changes in Kindle's site or if you have any problems, please contact me and I'll be glad to help if I can.

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