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The Final Cup The Final Cup is a book written about relationship and founded on the scripture Matthew 26:29. Although I wrote The Final Cup in parallel terms with our horizontal relationships, the main focus is on our vertical relationship with our husband, Jesus Christ.

With 26-27% of Christian marriages ending in divorce, if ever there was a time for marital help, now is the time. The Final Cup leans toward marriage, but people contemplating the bonds of matrimony or even a simple relationship should find this book helpful in preparation for matrimony if that is the intended direction. With constant attacks perpetrated by the enemy against the family (and relationships), especially in these days, the stability of this country, even the world, is threatened.

God showed me, through a brother, that all truth is parallel. For every natural truth, there is a corresponding and parallel spiritual truth. If we are to grow in both, we must learn where we are at "in both."

Learn how to pray to God through the Tabernacle of old and how to get closer to our spouses through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our relationships and roles as man and woman release insight into our relationships with Christ and how we are to become His bride. This is of course, contingent on our study of, and our obedience to, God's Word. This is all in terms of our love toward each other.

The Lord also gave to me seven words and showed me that we all have seasons in our relationships. So follow along and study with me through these parallels and through the seasons in our relationships that the Lord imparted to me one Sunday afternoon.

Table of Contents

Copyright Information
From the Author
Table Contents

Part One: The Count Down Begins

Matthew 26:29 KJV (Scripture Page)
Chapter One: Blueprint for a Bride
Chapter Two: 11:59

Part Two: Seven Seasons

Chapter Three: Catch My Eye
Chapter Four: Acquaintance
Chapter Five: Friendship
Chapter Six: Steady
Chapter Seven: Courtship
Chapter Eight: The Proposal
Chapter Nine: The Wedding

Part Three: Horizontal Reconciliation

Chapter Ten: Come Forth
Chapter Eleven: One for the Other, Together

Part Four: Vertical Reconciliation

Chapter Twelve: Final Cup
Appendix A: The Tabernacle
Appendix B: Tabernacle Blueprint
Appendix C: Praying Your Way Into the Holy of Holies
Appendix D: Jewish Unbelief in Jesus
Appendix E: The Revelation of the Cross

Back to EdenBack to Eden: Reclaiming your Christian Identity and fellowship with God. A Christian Growth Study.

If Christís death on the cross delivered us from the Genesis judgment, why does it still plague us? The whole idea behind Back to Eden is to answer this single most important question to Christendom. The judgment still plagues us because man has lost sight of his identity, destiny, and perceived significance to God. In other words, mankind has lost fellowship with God because our inherited sin nature causes a misconception of how we perceive God to feel about us and we filter that misconception through the guilt and shame of our disobedience.

Back to Eden helps us to recapture that which we have lost and how to reinstitute our proper roles created in us by God in the Garden of Eden. Follow along as we reclaim our Christian identity and fellowship with God.

NOTE: I have been working on this book for a year and a half, just about nonstop. Thank you so much for visiting James Lindquist Books and for your interest in my material. God bless each and every one of you.

Table of Contents

Copyright Page
Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Our Mandate
Chapter 2: The Birth of a Revelation

Section One: God's Plan

Chapter 3: God's Plan Begins
Chapter 4: Man's history Begins
Chapter 5: After Eden
Chapter 6: Oneness with God
Chapter 7: Oneness with Each Other
Chapter 8: Harmony with Each Other
Chapter 9: Harmony with God

Section Two: A World Out Of Order

Chapter 10: Man and Woman's Roles
Chapter 11: Role Reversal
Chapter 12: Losing Sight of Our Identity
Chapter 13:Losing Sight of Our Destiny
Chapter 14: Our Perceived Significance
Chapter 15: Has Man Forgotten?
Chapter 16: Hath God Said?

Section Three Deliverance From Darkness

Chapter 17: The Effects of Christ's Death
Chapter 18: Submission
Chapter 19: Together Again
Chapter 20: Used, Useless, and Unloved
Chapter 21: Influence vs Manipulation
Chapter 22: Recapturing Our Identity
Chapter 23: Recapturing Our Destiny
Chapter 24: Recapturing Our Perception
Chapter 25: Back To Eden

Seeking God SEEKING GOD My sister and I were talking one day and were discussing our favorite verse, 2 Chronicles 7:14. We agreed that if ever there was a time to be praying this Scripture, it was now. We talked about seeking God and His Face, and how He is so unfathomable.

The very next day, the Holy Spirit impressed on my heart nine levels of seeking God. Each level brings us closer into His presence and into a more intimate relationship with Him. As we learn to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, He will fill our hearts with anticipation while growing into each level of His essence. He will stir in us a closeness that will not only spark new things in us, but the atmosphere around us will draw others into His world. He is not willing that one should perish.

I locked myself in my room with Him and those nine words, and for the next seven months, it was just me and the Lord. Those nine words were wilderness, presence, will, hands, face, heart, purpose, prayer, and salvation. I pray that you will feel each level crescendo as I did while He and I shared our time together locked away in my room.

God bless each and every one of you as we seek His face together so that He might hear from heaven and heal our land.

Table of Contents

Seeking God in the Wilderness
Seeking God's Presence
Seeking God's Will
Seeking God's Hands
Seeking God's Face
Seeking God's Heart
Seeking God's Purpose
Seeking God Through Prayer
Seeking God's Salvation


I pray that these books bless you and that you are able to take away something that will help you in your walk with the Lord. Thank you for reading my material and may the Lord God richly bless each and every one of you.

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