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“Why does God seek man?”

The Bible is very clear that we did not choose Christ but He chose us [1]. He came to seek and save the lost [2] and He did this so that we’d seek and reach out to Him [3]. No one comes to Christ unless the Father draws him [4]. Like a good and faithful shepherd [5], Christ seeks us for our spiritual good and welfare, the comfort, edification, instruction, and salvation of our immortal souls. God even sought the first man, Adam, by calling out to him in Genesis 3:9 “Where art thou?”

Knowing these things begs the question, why would a righteous and holy God, who is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, seek man and love him enough to sacrifice His one and only Son, Jesus Christ? Why, indeed, would God seek man especially when we consider who God is. . .and then consider who man is.

Let me illustrate:

God is infinite, and man is finite. God is holy, and man is sinful. God is righteous, and man is corrupt. God is truth, and man is a liar. God is just, and man is unjust. God loves unconditionally, and man loves conditionally and right on down the list. We couldn’t be further apart. However, given our major 180° differences with God, it still begs the question, “Why then does God seek man?”

Seeking Man ponders this very question and submits it to you for your consideration, remembering that Deuteronomy 29:29 tells us that some things belong to God and that He does not always provide answers to all questions. However, in retrospect, before we can answer the question of “Why does God seek man,” we should probably first ask, "Why did God even create man in the first place, given the contradistinction between us?"

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