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Chapter One
In the Wilderness

Chapter Two
God's Presence

Chapter Three
God's Will
Chapter Four
God's Hands
Chapter Five
God's Face
Chapter Six
God's Heart
Chapter Seven
God's Purpose
Chapter Eight
Through Prayer
Chapter Nine
God's Salvation
Chapter Ten
Through Gifts


Chapter Two

Seeking God's Presence

"Calling Out To God"

The footsteps behind him were unrelenting. He was running as fast as he could. He thought that his lungs would explode at any moment. Exhaustion would soon force him to stop and face his assailant no matter what the outcome.

He didn't know how much longer he could keep up this pace. His legs were getting tired and sore and he could feel his shoulders begin to sag and lean forward. He looked from side to side hoping to see someone that could help him and know in which direction he could run.

Nobody was there.

Just when he thought his heart would burst, he collapsed. He quickly turned on his back and looked up at a man with a smug expression on his face and down the barrel of a 45-caliber handgun. He watched as the assailant raised the weapon and aimed it at his head. The assailant's eyes enlarged and his smirk became a full-fledged smile, almost a laugh.

Was he going to wake up any moment sweating all over his sheets with his heart thumping out of his chest, or was this real and he only had moments to live. As if he could stop a bullet, and with a condition reflex, he raised his hands in a desperate action to ward off the projectile he knew was coming. He cried out, “Oh God, no…God…help me! Don’t!”


Deep within the soul of every person lays the knowledge that there is a God whether they want to admit that fact or not [1]. Many a person has cried out to God in any number of situations, as the unsaved man did in the story above. The act of crying out to God stems from a hidden inherent knowledge that God placed in man when He first created him in Genesis 1:27.

Through that embedded knowledge, God calls us and invites us into the Kingdom for one reason; He loves us [2]. Free will [3] dictates that we need to accept that invite from God in order to become part of His Kingdom.

Man seeks God for many reasons, not the least of which is peace, comfort, healing, deliverance, financial help, or any number of benefits derived from knowing Christ. Maybe He even saved us from someone who pointed a loaded gun at us. Maybe you even bargained with God for Him to save you: “God, if you save me, I’ll…”

People also seek God because they have watched somebody else and witnessed how they changed after they accepted Christ. That person may even have led him or her to Christ. In any event, this prompted them to want the same life, no matter what the reason why they coveted their lifestyle.


It has always been important for man to call out to and know God, but in this day and age, it is imperative [4] because His Word also says that God will not always strive with man [5]. This says that salvation will not always be available. That should be a scary thought.

With the imminent rapture of the church [6] getting closer, remember that life is but a vapor [7] and eternity is…well…forever. We can acquire salvation before our death [8] and when we do, our spirit goes back to Jesus [9] and we are forever with the Lord [10]. If we do not receive salvation before our death, our spirit will eternally separate from God [11].


First John 4:8b tells us that, "…God is love." Can you imagine what it would be like to be Love and not have anyone to love—or love you back? We can only speculate as to how God felt before He created the heavens, the earth, and then man. Since God created us and God is love, is it okay to assume that He wanted somebody on which to lavish that love?

Christ also wanted a Bride on which to lavish His love. This, however, presented two problems. One: Jesus was Spirit and therefore required a spirit for a bride. Since God [12] was the only entity in the universe at the time, He would have to create one. Two: that spirit would have to love Him with its own volition, because without choice, you render love meaningless. The new spirit needed choice.

Whether it is a natural or spiritual relationship, love drives us to seek out and know what that person is all about. It is a constant quest to learn what we can about the other party. You call that act of reaching out, relationship…bonding…love.

Is it possible even to know God, just because, “He is God?”


Since God’s ways and thoughts are far above man’s ways and thoughts [13], some will have a hard time understanding the concept of knowing God. I understand this thinking but we have to remember that God is Spirit and He created us in His image, which makes us spirit beings as well [14].

In the natural it is incomprehensible to understand God, for after all…He is God, the creator of the universe. Actually, we can never, in the natural, really know God to His fullest because He is infinite. Since God is Spirit though, we seek Him in spirit and in truth [15]. In addition, the Bible says that the Spirit will guide us to all truth [16], not to some truth, but to all truth.

However, if one side of a relationship contributes more than the other side, is that a prerequisite to whether we can love and aspire to know that person, or whether both sides couldn’t benefit from the relationship or not, either in the natural or in the spiritual [17]?

Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with God and if we do not seek to know God, to that man [18], it is just religion.

What follows are the six remaining words that God gave to me and what I perceived them to have meant when He gave them. This will not be an all-inclusive study on seeking God but rather, what we can somewhat hope for at each level or at least what the Holy Spirit intimated to me these last two months. God bless you as you read.

Ever wonder what the will of God is for your life? Seeking God's Will may give an answer.

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