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Chapter One
In the Wilderness
Chapter Two
God's Presence

Chapter Three
God's Will

Chapter Four
God's Hands
Chapter Five
God's Face
Chapter Six
God's Heart
Chapter Seven
God's Purpose
Chapter Eight
Through Prayer
Chapter Nine
God's Salvation
Chapter Ten
Through Gifts


Chapter Three

Seeking God's Will

"Hearing God"

When I first sat down to write Seeking Godís Will, before I had even committed one word to paper, God gave me a vision. I was on one side of a large gully and a man was standing on the other side. I heard him mumble, but I couldnít understand a word he was saying. Lord, what is this? I asked. What does this mean? I heard in my spirit, ďIf you want to hear what he is saying, you need to get closer to him.Ē

I had an ďah-haĒ moment.

Since all truth is parallel [1], itís the same in the spirit world. If I wanted to hear what God was saying, I needed to get closer to Him as well. I had been speaking to God from across the gully.

When we begin to develop a close relationship with God, we will close that gap between us. I have asked the questions, ďWhat does God want me to do? What is my ministry in the Kingdom? What is Godís will for my life?Ē When I began to seek God and endeavored to get close to Him through an intimate relationship, I began to hear and understand what He was saying to me. Just like the gully, we go from mountain top to mountain top. We have to cross many gullys in our effort to hear God. It's called growth. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. . .

More important, I began to distinguish His voice from the other voices trying to perpetrate the sinful nature in me. The enemy can be very sly in his pursuit to trick us. Not only can things spoken from a distance be unintelligible, but the speaker can also be unrecognizable. This is the intent of this series, to make Godís voice intelligible, recognizable, and distinguishable to the point of a close, intimate relationship with Him. God wants us to seek Him and encounter His grace, to crawl into His lap and cry, ďAbba, Father.Ē

ďWhat is Godís will for my life?Ē This question seemed straightforward and simple enough when I first asked, but it went much deeper than that. Since I have a melancholy temperament [2] I knew that I had to distinguish the different aspects of Godís will, which most agree, there are three: sovereign [3], revealed [4], and perfect [5].


The sovereign will of God says that nothing happens outside of Godís purview. In other words, it is the ultimate will of God and He ordains everything that has and will come to pass [6]. No matter the intervention of man or circumstance, the sovereign will of God will come to pass, period. That is, unless God does not want it to transpire. Then it wonít.

God has decided to hide much of His sovereign will from us. Therefore, we need not speculate on Godís hidden and sovereign will [7] for it is a futile and foolish journey. God does call us, however, to obey His revealed will as it pertains to the scriptures, and to seek His perfect will for our individual lives.


Scriptures abound that tell us what we should and shouldnít do to live righteous lives and to be holy because God is holy. In fact, you can define the revealed will of God as just that, what we should and shouldnít do.

Godís Word says not to lie [8], cheat [9], steal [10], or covet [11]. It also says to repent of our sins [12], to love our enemies [13], and to be holy because He is holy [14]. God says that we should live in His grace [15], be obedient [16], give graciously [17], pray unceasingly [18], make continual progress [19], and much, much more [20].

The Bible is replete with Godís revealed will for our lives. God gave us the Law in Exodus 20:3-17 and it should be the backbone of our behavior. Deuteronomy 30:19 says, ďÖI have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.Ē The Bible says to trust in Him [21], acknowledge Him [22], seek Him [23], believe in Him [24], and many more assurances of His revealed will for our lives.

You and I could spend our lifetime learning and applying Godís Word as it pertains to His revealed will for our lives. That works for meóand I am sure that it works for God. (However, please forgive me Lord, because I fail daily in this endeavor.)


And be not conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Romans 12:2, the ideal explanation of what is the perfect will of God.

Everything that pleases God is His perfect will. Godís Word teaches us how to live righteous lives according to His will and to be holy because He is holy [25] but what it doesnít teach (directly), is what the will of God is specific for each one of us. A good start would be to live according to God's perfect will and to obey the precepts of the Bible.


I believe that we can find Godís purpose for our lives through our passions. Whatever you are passionate or excited about, above all else (accept for the love of God), could possibly be the will of God for your life. This is providing that we do our best to live in the will of God, which is perfect.

Psalms 37:4 declares that God gave us those passions in the first place. Verse four says, ďDelight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give you the desires of your heart.Ē Did you notice what part came first? We first have to delight ourselves in the Lord before we can get the desires of our heart. Obeying the revealed will of God and by living in the perfect will of God are two ways of fulfilling this Scripture.

God orchestrates things around us to give us the opportunity to receive and accept those desires. We still have the free-will choice not to act upon it. However, that would be a huge mistake.

Therefore, answer this question for yourself, "I am passionate about    'insert passion here.'   " With the love of God as understood in your life, does this passion get you up in the morning just thinking about it? Is this what you are excited about? If you could not do this one thing, would it make you curl up and die inside?

If you canít fill in the blank right now, donít worry. God is still with you and working through you. What follows are some examples to think about. Maybe after reading further, you'll know how to respond. If you are still unable to do so, it is okay. Just remember the last thing that God personally told you to do and continue with that. God is in control and He knows what is best for each of us. Your passion and/or ministry could be right around the corner.

Until you find out your passion and God's will for your life but you stillhave a passion to serve God, remember the last thing that Jesus told all of us just before He ascended to the Father. He said, "…Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature [26]. What better thing to do while you wait on God.


Does your passion involve any number of talents or skills? Could you use them to help the church, conduct services, or minister to people? Are you a musician, thespian, or have construction knowledge? Are you an author like me or maybe youíre an artist, nanny, driver, accountant, or have some other talent or skill that you could use to administer and serve the church or body? The church needs all the services and skills that believers have to offer.

Does your passion lie within one of the 18 spiritual gifts designations [27]?

Maybe you feel that God has sent you out on a special mission or given you revelatory words and you feel compelled to tell others. Do the souls of men burn inside of you or maybe you have a desire to shepherd or lead other people? When you learn something, is the first thing you want to do is teach or tell somebody? Well, maybe God has called you to one of the five-fold ministries such as apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, or teacher.

I suggest you take a spiritual gifts class to find out your gifts. Every six months or so, as a follow up, you could take another class to see how you have grown in the Lord or to see in what area God is now leading.


Once you discover your passion, where it lies, and a direction in which you feel He wants to lead you, another question you might ask yourself is, ďDo I need teaching or training in this area?Ē I know, for myself, I wanted to go to school to learn how to write for publication. I knew in my heart that God called me to write but I wasnít professionally skilled enough to put on paper what was on my mind.

Writing is my passion and I now write from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night. I needed some teaching to perfect my craft or at least have the opportunity to do my best for God and feel good about myself in the process. Education is something you might want to check into no matter what the reason or purpose. Education is never wasted. Never!


We can seek His will by learning from His Word how to live righteous lives and by being a good example for others as we carry our own cross down the Via Dolorosa [28]. This is why it is so important to know the Word of God. I'll go into more detail on Godís Word in chapter eight: Seeking God Through Prayer. The most effectual prayers are those prayed according to Godís Word [29].

In everything we are to give thanks to the Lord [30]. Christís mandate to us, through Paul, says that when doing things for others we should do them like we are doing them unto the Lord [31]. Our sanctification is the will of God, which is the act of setting ourselves apart as being holy unto God and not prostitute ourselves with one another, other gods, or with idols, which is anything that we put above God [32]. Much is common sense because God has written the moral Law on the hearts of men [33].

Seeking Godís perfect will for our lives should be our number one quest. Anything we can do to close the gap between us, as in my vision, the better off our walk with Him will be. We may even learn the will of God for our lives. Our quest to seek Him takes us through a door to a higher level of knowing Him. Letís go through that door now by Seeking Godís Hands.

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    [2] One of five temperaments: Melancholy, supine, sanguine, choleric, and phlegmatic. Melancholies are analytical, task oriented, perfectionist, loyal, creative, self-sacrificing. Weaknesses: sensitive to failure, can get depressed by thinking of low self-esteem, fear of failure, apt to be rebel, and procrastinate.

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