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Chapter One
In the Wilderness
Chapter Two
God's Presence
Chapter Three
God's Will
Chapter Four
God's Hands

Chapter Five
God's Face

Chapter Six
God's Heart
Chapter Seven
God's Purpose
Chapter Eight
Through Prayer
Chapter Nine
God's Salvation
Chapter Ten
Through Gifts


Chapter Five

Seeking God's Face

"Characteristics of God"

My divorce was an extremely difficult experience in my life and if I ever needed God, it was then. During the time of separation from my wife I was living in a one-bedroom apartment and had just made a new commitment to pray with God for one hour each day. Therefore, at 4:00 AM, I crawled out of bed, got dressed, and went to the front room to fellowship with the Lord.

On that particular morning after I prayed the Lordís Prayer, I waited for God's response. In the distance a small speck became visible in my mindís eye. It was like looking at a movie scene filled with theatrical smoke, a fog if you will, only in suspended animation. Although it was still blurry in appearance, it quickly continued to grow until I recognized it as the Cross. The next thing I saw was the face of Christ. He was up close, personal, and looking toward heaven. Then something happened that changed my life.

In slow motion, Jesus turned and looked me straight in the eyes and said, ďI love you, Jim.Ē The presence of God vibrated within me as I stood there, eyes closed, and basking in His presence.

As quickly as the image had come, it faded, and then disappeared. I don't know how long I stood there; I only know that Cecil B. DeMille could not have made this scene any more real than the one that I had just witnessed. How could a face so covered with blood and pain, shine with so much love and compassion? It is Agape love, love as only God can give.


I had needed the love of God to cover me, manifest in me, and engulf my being. That morning in my front room, Christ had revealed His face to me by telling me that God Himself loved me. Although God is understanding, compassionate, and validating, when we seek His face, we also see His other attributes as we grow closer to Him.


He is our righteousness [1], our sanctification [2], and our peace [3]. He is our healer [4], our provider [5], our banner [6], our shepherd [7], and one who is always there [8]. He is the creator of Earth and the universe [9]; He is the all mighty and powerful God [10], and the all-sufficient one [11]. Yet, this is still not all of who God is.

He is our resurrection [12], our savior [13], our advocate [14], and the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end [15]. He is the author and finisher of our faith [16]. He is the Door for the sheep [17]. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life [18]. He is a Father of mercies and God of all comfort [19], the Prince of Peace [20], The Bright Morning Star [21], The King of Kings and Lord of Lords [22]. He is our Lord and our God [23], He is our life [24], He is faithful and true [25], our Maker [26], and our heavenly Father [27]. He is our hope of glory [28], our wisdom, sanctification and redemption [29], our foundation [30], and our Bridegroom [31]. This is still not the full essence of almighty God.

God is the holy one [32], the I Am [33], and Jahweh [34]. He is all knowing [35], a miracle working God [36]. He is full of power [37]. He meets our needs [38] and is our everlasting Father [39]. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever [40]; He changes not. He is the Word [41] and dwells in us [42]. He is our redeemer [43], the true light [44], the Lamb of God, and our teacher [45]. He is the head of the church [46], our wonderful counselor [47], the light of the world [48], and will never leave or forsake us [49]. He is even a God who raises the dead [50]. However, this is still not all God is, for He is without limit.

In essence, God is Love [51]. Now imagine that God, as Love, not having anyone to love. This is the reason why God created man in the first place [52], so that Christ could have a bride, so God could have children, and they all could have a people on which to lavish their love. You could write a book about who God is. However, thirty-nine Holy Ghost inspired people already have. Itís called the Bible.


When God comes to heal our land, it is not only geographically, but it could mean anywhere you happen to be at that moment, spiritually, emotionally, physically, or socially. So, when you make yourself available to Godís will (humble yourselves), and pray, He will come and heal you no matter what your status or location, according to His will.

God blessed me with that experience during a hard time in my life. He could bless you in the same way. God is no respecter of persons [53].

However, if we donít seek His face, then we lose out on the fullness of God and everything He has to offer. We don't want that to happen, so letís go deeper into our relationship with Him by seeking His heart. This is where true intimacy with God begins.

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