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Chapter One
In the Wilderness
Chapter Two
God's Presence
Chapter Three
God's Will
Chapter Four
God's Hands
Chapter Five
God's Face

Chapter Six
God's Heart

Chapter Seven
God's Purpose
Chapter Eight
Through Prayer
Chapter Nine
God's Salvation
Chapter Ten
Through Gifts


Chapter Six

Seeking God's Heart

"Courtship of God"

The evening was a typical beautiful and peaceful night. A small breeze was blowing and seemed to be chasing a previous gust that had already passed through. David sat leaning against a tree trunk playing his harp and singing psalms to God and to his fatherís sleeping sheep. His eyelids were getting heavy in the tranquility of the moment and he probably could have drifted off himself if not for his responsibility to the flock.

Scripture doesn't tell us every detail but I can only imagine this man's ordeal went something like this.

As David sang and played, he kept a vigilant watch over the surrounding area and the only other sounds of the night were an occasional bleating from either side of the flock. Minutes passed, when amid song, a lone lamb raised its head and began checking his periphery. David stopped playing. He could no longer hear the sounds of the night and it was like someone had turned off the switch to his hearing. Something was wrong.

He put down his harp and looked about him. There was a rustling in the nearby brush. David stood and reached for his sling.

By this time, all the sheep were standing and huddling together and like typical sheep, were waiting for someone to lead them to safety. The bleating was now deafening. David prepared himself for any eventuality.

Then David saw him: a lion crouching low and stalking the perimeter. If I was David, Iíd know what Iíd be thinking. Should I do anything? The lion would only take one animal. Should I risk my own life for one lamb?

The Holy Spirit brought David to his spiritual senses and told him that Davidís father was not willing that one of his sheep should perish [1] and that He would deliver them both. I donít believe David thought twice as he loaded a good size rock into the leather pouch and prepared for an open and clear shot.

Without any warning, the lion sprung and as quickly as he had leapt, he had a lamb in his mouth and was confidently trotting toward the thickets. David would only have one try and heíd have to be quick and accurate, otherwise, a lamb would die, either from the jaws of death or by a misplaced stone.

He began to twirl, and at the precise moment, he released the rock. It found its mark and the lion dropped to the ground. David removed the terrified lamb from the jaws of certain death and released it back into the flock.

However, shaken and recomposed, the lion arose to recapture his dinner and perhaps an extra tid-bit for dessert by killing David. However, the Lord delivered David out of the paw of the lion and allowed him to grab the lion by the beard and slay him [2]. God had told him that He would deliver him from the paw of the lion and the Lord did just that. He kept His promise.

Like David, when we are in the center of Godís will and His presence, we too can slay the lions in our lives.


Not only did David slay the lion and the bear but he slew Goliath as well [3]. Although God delivered him from Goliath and the Philistines, David only acted when he heard from the Lord [4]. (This is very important.)

It seems a little foolhardy that David would so quickly step up to fight the 9ft tall giant laden down with impenetrable armor and he with none [5], until we read 1 Samuel 17:36. This passage tells us that for David to boast as he did (in the natural), would not have been prudent. It is evident that the Lord had already told him what he should do. The will of God sanctioned this battle and guaranteed Davidís victory [6]. David immediately acted upon it and ran toward Goliath. YesÖran. We should run toward Goliath with our weapon in our hand, which is the Word of God, but only under the unction of the Holy Spirit.

At one time or the other, waiting on the Lord is where most of us fall short because we often deal from presumption rather than certainty, which can only come when we hear directly from the Lord. Sometimes we go ahead of God by speaking His Word and then expecting Him to honor it.

The Word of God is logos to all people but the rhema word is to individuals, according to the will of God. As soon as we learn this truth, the easier, and the more victorious our lives will be. Although His Word will not return to Him void [7], God did not call us to do our will but He called us to do His.


The secret to Davidís [8] longevity and success was his abiding in the center of Godís will. He had an intimate relationship with the Lord and he did nothing without the leading of the Holy Spirit. He knew that if he did otherwise it could possibly mean his death. David was, indeed, a man after Godís own heart [9], which begs the question, ďHow was he Ďa man after Godís own heart?íĒ

One only has to read the Psalms to know the answer to that question. David did not only love the Lord and depend upon Him solely but in every way he was agreeable and obedient to the will of God. He paid strict attention to, and never tried to change, any part of the Law. As David led Israel in the public arena, he acted according to Godís righteous mind, and fulfilled the will of God.

When David slew the lion, the bear, and Goliath, he was more than confident in his immediate actions because he had the leading of the Holy Spirit. He acted out of a conditioned response and there was no hesitation when the Lord told him toÖgo, that He would deliver him.

Today, when I look back on Davidís harrowing exploits, I shudder because I know the lineage of Jesus Christ. What if David had acted prematurely or presumptuously and not waited on the Holy Spirit and the lion, the bear, or Goliath had killed David? There would be no Jesus. This may have been the last ditch effort by Satan to stop the coming of Christ. Therefore, nothing will be impossible [10] for us to accomplish as long as we have the faith and Spirit of God in us, and become men and women after His heart. We too will act without hesitationóas long as we wait on the Spirit of God [11] and not act presumptuously.

Peter acted presumptuously when, just before Christís Crucifixion, he told Jesus that He would surely not die [12]. I am wondering how many of us would have probably told Jesus the same thing. I fear that I would have said something similar. However, as the Bible indicates, the Lordís physical survival was not in Godís plan [13].

This is why it is so important to be in the center of Godís will and to know His Word, so we donít get ahead of the Holy Spirit. In the natural, I can understand why Peter said what he did but knowing what we know today arenít we glad that Jesus saw through Satanís charade?


When we seek the heart of God, we are in a ďcourtshipĒ phase of relationship. In turn, this produces intimacy and puts us right in the center of Godís will and heart where it is our pleasure to fulfill the desires of Godís heart, not ours.

During our courtship, we reciprocate Godís love by giving Him the desires of His heart, which is our devotion, our obedience, our worship, and our love. Just the simple act of giving to God and/or to others, blesses us in return, and builds our character. It will make us feel better when we do things without thinking about them because we know it was the right thing to do. Then God blesses us again because we unselfishly gave unsolicited help to Him and to others.


When we seek the heart of God, it is going to Him and asking, ďWhat can I do for you today Lord? Whatís on your heart? Is there something that you want to do in my life to touch and reach those who will cross my path? Or shall I just simply sit with you today Lord?

Getting into the center of Godís will and in His presence provides revelation, healing, deliverance, sanctification, victory, and supernatural power. If you go into His presence with any pretense, that pretense will expose you just like it did with me while I walked on the beach in chapter four.

Seeking Godís heart is living for His purpose, exchanging all of our plans, our hopes, and our dreams for the dreams, the heart, and the longing of God. If people called by His name will not only seek His face [14] but seek His heart, those hearts will come together and beat as one. This will be the heart of the Bride and it will be beating loudly for all to hear.

People around us will sense and feel our commingled heart and the power of the Holy Spirit and say, ďI want some of that.Ē In essence and in the final analysis, seeking Godís heart is the simple act of giving Him our hearts!

The number one purpose and desire of Godís heart is that we know Him and make Him known to others. It is what He longs for us to do. Letís go a little deeper still by Seeking Godís Purpose.

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