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Chapter One
In the Wilderness
Chapter Two
God's Presence
Chapter Three
God's Will
Chapter Four
God's Hands
Chapter Five
God's Face
Chapter Six
God's Heart

Chapter Seven
God's Purpose

Chapter Eight
Through Prayer
Chapter Nine
God's Salvation
Chapter Ten
Through Gifts


Chapter Seven

Seeking God's Purpose

"Treasure Hunter"

The sky was overcast as he walked down the road; a road that was more like a small path winding through the countryside. At least he had a heavy tunic that shielded him from the evening air. As long as he made it to Jericho before the Sabbath [1], he’d be all right, for this wasn’t the safest stretch of road in the land.

From out of nowhere, three men pounced on him hitting his face and chest with their fists and cutting him with their knives. They kicked him while he was down, stripped him of his clothes, and left him on the side of the road to die. It all happened very quickly and was over in seconds.

He lay there naked, dazed, cold, and could barely move as he tried to stand but fell back to the ground slamming his face on a bed of rocks. Still struggling to breathe, he gasped for air trying to suck in the life saving oxygen. From where, he did not know, he found the strength to mutter, “Hhhhel-p—me?” He coughed, spraying blood on the rocks.

He could no longer talk and was on the verge of losing consciousness. Everything around him was blurry and blood flowed from his side. Not only was the pain excruciating but he worried whether the next breath would be his last. His whole body was numb.

A stranger approached. The hazy figure was hard to make out. Did his attackers return to finish him off or had God sent help his way?

He tried to lift his arm as far as he could to signal for help, but it was difficult at best. He opened his mouth to ask for help but he choked on his own blood. He finally managed to moan, “Pleeeaze, hhhelp me.”

The approaching man moved to the opposite side of the road and disappeared out of his peripheral vision. The half-dead victim dropped his arm and gasped. His body went limp. It hurt, even to think. It is God’s will, I am going to die. He lost consciousness.


Although I have take some license with this story, most of us have either read or know about this parable and know how it ends [2]. The Good Samaritan stopped and saved the injured man after a priest and a Levite had walked past without even pausing. It was a great act of kindness, mercy, compassion, and unselfish behavior. He modeled kindness for each of us.


However, we seemed to have forgotten about the poor Israelite traveler who was beaten, robbed, stripped of his clothes, and left for dead on the side of the road? God did not forget him and neither should we.

There is another lesson to learn from the Good Samaritan parable. How many people are lying on the side of the road in our lives, reaching out in their despair of sin asking for help and crying out to God? Will we pass them by like the priest and Levite? Such people might even be members of our own families or neighbors.


God longs for us to know Him and make Him known. He states this purpose clearly in the Bible.

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these [3].”

In verse 31, God has called us all to be Good Samaritans. We have a choice—to treat our fellowman with love and compassion or to step over them and be on our way.

When we walk with Christ, we see people in a new way and we become willing to be His heart and His hands. There is buried treasure in every person. There are many stories out there to hear. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all be treasure hunters and find the good in all people? There is a saying that says, "What we look for, we will find."

People all around us need the saving knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ. It is amazing what God can do for others through us.


In 1993 I flew down to the Morris Cerullo’s Twenty-Third World Conference in San Diego, California. Believers from all over the world attended. Close to seven thousand believers showed up to worship God and hear from Him.

Unless you have been in a big crowd like this it would be difficult to fathom the atmosphere that hovered over the auditorium while 7000 Christians worshiped, prayed, and sang to God. The spirit was so thick; it was hard even to stand…literally. I will never forget the feeling and awesome time that I had that year with the Lord.

Now, can you further imagine the heavenly sound of millions, if not billions of Christians raising their voice in the Holy Ghost to God in song and raising their praises to Him? This must be a beautiful sound to God, especially for Jesus, because we are His Bride.

Christ prayed to His Father that we’d all be one as He and the Father are one [4]. We are all many parts of the body but baptized into one spirit [5], with Christ as the head. After being part of this great event, I can see why God is not willing that one person should perish [6]. When millions of Spirit-filled Christians become one mind, one focus, and one spirit, we will become the Bride of Christ.

Each person is a facet of God’s love and beauty and He created each of us in His own image [7]. He longs to express Himself through us. He wanted people to love one another and to show mercy as He’s shown mercy. When the focus is on self, Christ-centeredness goes out the window. The goal is singleness of heart, where He’s the number one priority. This is the heart and the purpose of God.

When Christ died on the Cross, His death ripped the veil in two, which allowed us access to God’s presence. Let’s go a little further still and not only seek God by accompanying Him in to the throne room, but by talking to Him—through prayer.

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